Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saying Yes to Candy

This week, I said yes to sweets, many times, and I feel no regret.

All in all, we are a fairly "low sugar" family. We don't buy candy or store bought sweets on any kind of a regular basis. Most of our treats are homemade goodies. We don't even drink juice; We're all about water around here.

But, what kid doesn't love candy? So, when we took the boys to a parade downtown this week, guess what they were most excited about? Candy, of course!

We gave them a bag to hold and encouraged them to go to town.
 - On a side note, I am impressed with the consideration that older kids in our community still have for younger kids. They shared their candy-getting skills and their overabundance of candy freely with the weaker kids who could not gather all of the candy fast enough. The generations below us do right by others when given the chance. I have hope for the future :)
So, we came home with a sack full of candy. Guess what question I have been getting all week long?
"Mom, can we each have a piece of candy?"
And, I've been saying yes, (pretty much) every time. Sometimes I ask them to stay at the table with suckers, or please sit with candy in their mouths instead of jumping around like jack rabbits. But, I've said yes. 

And, they haven't taken advantage of me at all. In fact, they have asked at very decent times and with very reasonable requests. They will even offer to eat their lunch or dinner first. 

AND, it hasn't made them more hyper.

We're all happy campers here with our candy. It's running low, so I guess our next lesson will be one in rationing ourselves with limited supply.


What have you said yes to this week?

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  1. Good for you, Vanessa! I say yes to candy all the time.