Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saying Yes Through Compromise

I strive to say yes to my kids as much as possible. I really do, even though I struggle at times.

There is that silly little parental voice in my head that says "Don't do that because..."

I try to be the mom that pauses. "Because why? You know what.. forget it! Go for it! Be awesome!" 

But, I must admit there are times when I struggle, or I just plain CAN'T bring myself to say yes. At least not completely. And I'm learning, that it doesn't mean I have to say no, either. There is this wonderful thing in the middle, and it's name is "compromise".

So, when the kids ask to go to the city wading pool, and that day I just happen to be a hot, tired, pregnant, introverted Mommy, I can say, "How about we get a big tote, the baby pool, fill them with water and go to town?" 

The excitement over the activities of the day remain the same for both me and my kids, and everyone is happy! 

And because we are all in a place of comfort and compromise, we can say "Yes!" freely.

Other Examples of Saying Yes Through Compromise: 

Question: "Can we go to the waterpark today?"
Parent: "Or, we could put the sprinkler under the trampoline.."
Kids: "Ya, ya, ya!"

Question: "Can we buy this awesome cake from the bakery?"
Parent: "Or, we could buy our own cake mix, frosting, and decorations, and you and I can bake it together and I"ll let you decorate it..."
Kids: "Ya, that sounds fun!"

Question: "Can I buy a new video game?"
Parent: "We're kinda low on cash, but if you pick a couple of video games you don't play anymore, we'll trade them in and buy the game you want."
Kids: "Okay!"

What have you said yes to recently through compromise?


  1. Oh yeah, we have to do a lot of yes compromising around here, too!

    1. What, you are not super mom, either? :)