Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unschooling Ourselves: The Search for Joy and Fulfillment

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My journey to unschooling started off when I was very young. It’s impossible to explain my own philosophy of unschooling without taking you through a brief history of my own schooling. It has shaped how I view education for myself and for my children more than any book or influential speaker.

Apart from the occasional alphabet lesson I gave to my oldest son, under pressure to begin “schooling,” I have never really liked the idea of school-at-home models. They always seemed to interfere with the natural progression of our lives, of fun, of freedom, and of true fulfillment through passions.

Not only would school-at-home steal time away from my children’s interests, it would also steal time away from my own interests. Curriculum seemed to hunker down children and parents in a monotony of schedules and textbooks, work pages, and artificial learning.

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