Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What the Kids are Reading Dec 25-31

Technically, this week has been filled with new video games and toys from Christmas. But, there are a few things that my boys and I have been reading together in the last two weeks. 

This year, in anticipation of the season, my husband purchased a book from Voice of Martyrs about the real St. Nicholas, who was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith. It's called The Story of St. Nicholas: More Than Reindeer and a Red Suit.

It's a great book to teach kids about the OTHER side of St. Nicholas' story. He is known for many things, giving gifts and helping the poor is only a small portion of the lessons that can be learned from his life. 

We've also been enjoying stories of the birth of Jesus, and talking about what that means for us. 5yo tells me "Jesus died on the cross, but he's still allive! He's in Heaven!"

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  1. That looks like a cool book! We usually visit the Saint Nicholas website and print out some activities.