Friday, November 25, 2011

What the Kids are Reading Nov 21-27

It's fitting that I'm participating in this meme while the original creator, my sister, over at These Temporary Tents, is away on a Thanksgiving vacation at her in-laws. But, she'd be proud of me for doing it. 

I wanted to share what my kids have been interested in lately. This meme should really be named something more like "What the kids are watching and/or reading" since my kids are not technically reading on their own yet. Anyway...

A few weeks ago my mother gave us one of her old smart phones without a phone plan. Last week, I finally figured out how to make it useful as a portable media and app device without a plan, so I loaded it with a bunch of applications for the boys to play and audio books and series to listen to in the car. 

They have been especially interested in The Original Star Wars Radio Drama :

It features the original music and sound effects of Star Wars, and adds a little bit to the story line. Even I enjoy listening to it in the car. You get quite wrapped up in the story!

Because this week was Thanksgiving, we also downloaded and read 'The First Thanksgiving' portion of Stories of the Pilgrims, which I found on Homeschool Commons. I also printed some of the larger images for the boys to color while we read the story. 

They weren't entirely enthusiastic about it, but they did enjoy a few of the facts that they learned about The First Thanksgiving, particularly about the games they played and the food they ate.

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  1. You are right, I should rename it. Maybe something like, "What the kids are learning" ??? I like to share what I am learning too though, so maybe I should make a general meme for family-schooling! Thanks for participating!