Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joseph's Coat, Indians, Signs, and Board Games

I wanted to write down a few things that we did today, because it was a particularly interesting day full of learning. Some days, I am surprised by how little we get done. On others, I am surprised by just how much we an do in one day. Today was one of the latter.

We managed the small miracle, as we do most Sundays, of me getting all three boys ready and out the door in time for church. This is a small miracle because we drive 30 miles to church, and we leave the house at about 8:30am. I tend to roll out of bed around 7-7:30am. You do the math.

This happens every other Sunday. On the other Sundays, my husband gets to come with us. Thank goodness.

It always proves to be a blessing. Some days, we come out of there knowing nothing more about the scriptures than we came in (not because of the teaching, but just because of tiredness, or whatever else,) but we always come out encouraged and full of the love and support of the body of Christ.

But today, we learned things. Gregory learned about Joseph's coat of many colors in Sunday School, and he got to see all of his church friends of all ages, which he loves the most. I was uplifted and encouraged in my Sunday School as well. I felt as if the message was truly for me, and God was speaking to what I really needed to hear today. We watched part of the series "Walking with God in the Desert" by Roy Vander Laan. It's a very informative and encouraging series.

On the way home, my son was asking when his favorite museum (Stuhr Museam, a living history museum) would open again after winter. We were just passing by it at that moment, and I pointed out the earth-built Indian home that they have.

That got us into a discussion about Indians and what the plains of Nebraska used to be like, before our ancestors (the settlers) came. We discussed that there were no roads, towns, or stores. We talked about the food they would kill and eat, how they killed it, that they ran or had horses, that they grew crops and foraged for berries and other foods.

At home we had some afternoon "down time" and then went on a walk to Grandma's house in the brisk cold air. It was so nice. We saw a sign on the way that warns drivers that there is a traffic light ahead, and discussed that. Gregory pretended that each round or gold colored object on the ground was a "gold coin", like he was in a video game. I think he was counting them, too. "I found another gold coin!" he'd say.

Dad picked us up at Grandmas and we grabbed some fast food for supper (shhh!) At some point, Dad and Gregory played Halo. When dad left, Gregory and Zeke played. Then watched a show.

After Zeke and Eddie went to bed, Gregory and I played one game of Candy Land and a few games of Connect 4. He's getting really good at Connect 4. It was so much fun laughing and joking with him during the games, teaching him some strategy. He's such a funny, smart kid.

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